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Prepare for Uncertainties with a Health Insurance Plan

Prepare for Uncertainties with a Health Insurance Plan

To live a better and fulfilling life, you need to plan and know what it takes to satisfy your needs and those of your family. Uncertain events happen all the time and many a times you will not be prepared. In fact, there are many events in life you may wish they never happen but they still find a way to crop up in your life.

Your health and that of a loved one is essential and you need to have a plan or prepare for health uncertainties if they come your way. There is no better way of doing so than opting for a health insurance policy that will satisfy your health needs. However, you cannot just think of an insurance health policy and go for it. You have to come up with a practical and reliable plan that will work greatly in your situation. Here are four incredible ways on how you can prepare for the unexpected events especially if you live in Hong Kong.

Have Coverage Against Medical Expenses

Falling ill is one of the unanticipated events that you will not wish on yourself or any other person. At all times, you have to figure out or plan on how you are going to handle medical related issues. The most reliable and fulfilling way is through having an insurance plan that will help you receive a reliable coverage against medical costs.

In most of the cases, medical care can cost you a fortune and you need a solution that will protect you in the event of sickness. With a reliable and affordable medical insurance plan, you will be able to cater for any expenses that will come your way.

Enjoy Cashless Claim Benefit

Do you know that many health insurance companies offer a cashless claim opportunity? If you reside in Hong Kong, then this a great way to prepare yourself for any health uncertainties. This is a great opportunity where you don’t have to make any kind of out-of-pocket payment in the event of a health complication or related event. You need to have health insurance card to make use of the cashless facility or opportunity.

Have Coverage Against Critical Illness

These days it is easy if you go for the best health insurer to enjoy critical illness insurance. This is a kind of policy that offers you an opportunity to have coverage against life-threatening kind of illnesses. These unexpected illnesses may include kidney failure, cancer, stroke, loss of limbs or other serious health conditions.

Enjoy Tax Benefits

Don’t hesitate to get a healthcare insurance plan because it comes with essential tax benefits in an hour of need. Most of the policies that you will come across offer premiums that are paid to cater for your health care insurance policy. For those who are eligible to get tax deductions, this is also a great opportunity to claim tax benefits on health insurance premiums if they have dependents or spouses.

Enjoy Tax Benefits with VHIS by Cigna Hong Kong

Get the Best Healthcare Insurance Plan Today

There comes a time that you may get sick or a loved one needs urgent medical care. In some instances, you may not have the money to cater for such uncertain events and you need a reliable solution. Thus why, you should check out the health insurance plans by Cigna Hong Kong.

You will not only get a chance to seek services from experts in the healthcare sector but also get a chance to cater for your health with a trustworthy insurance plan. Get the best insurance policy today and have reliable plan to alleviate an unexpected financial pressure.



專業的醫療服務能為我們解決健康問題,但昂貴的醫療費用並非人人有能力負擔。信諾誠意為您提供全面的醫療保障計劃,減輕您的醫療支出負擔。讓您專心接受治療,早日回復健康,勢必要人人都能享有穩定的醫療保障。信諾一零八RETURN健康全面保只需繳付 6 年保費就能享有 10 年保障。不僅涵蓋住院和手術費用,如受保人不幸首次確診患上癌症,亦可得到癌症保障賠償!在第 10 個保單年屆滿時,即可獲得已繳總保費的 108%,達到財富增值又能享有保障健康的兩大益處。即使曾經就手術、住院、手術後醫療費用以及一筆過原位癌保障索償,仍可獲發此額外現金價值。










Calling all Hong Kong residents who like to exercise: are you satisfied with the results you’re getting at the gym? Many people aren’t impressed, despite the hours they dedicate to exercise. This is partly due to their lack of a holistic approach to fitness. To get the most out of the gym you should also practice yoga in HK.

yoga training classes in HK

Yoga is one of the most powerful tools up your sleeve for improving your physical and mental health. Here’s why:

A Preventative Approach

Practicing yoga is preventative, in the same way that you eat fruits to build immunity against ill health. These ancient exercises are designed to harness the body’s inherent ability to heal itself without medical intervention. From breathing exercises and diverse body postures to meditation, regular yoga will help keep your doctor at bay!

Improving Physical and Mental Wellness

If you occasionally feel weak despite attending regular gym sessions, maybe something’s missing from your regimen! Yoga can fill the significant gap left by your intense gym work, and boost your brain too. This activity is all about uniting body and mind, which means you’ll see and feel the results all over.

yoga workout class

Kind to Your Body 

Yoga incorporates techniques that produce a relaxing effect, contributing to a decline in chronic pain. As such, people that suffer pain or even arthritis can seek relief with yoga. Weight loss, injury protection, increased range of motion, cardiovascular and circulatory improvements are also possible benefits, which will boost your performance in the gym.

Mental Merits

Yoga is known to help control stress and alleviate mental illness issues. Likewise, if you have difficulty focusing, sleeping well, or are using drugs, yoga will prove to be a true, dependable friend in your hour of need.

Don’t hesitate to incorporate yoga into your holistic exercise regimen. If you take it up regularly, you’re guaranteed to see the benefits both physically and psychologically.

Fitness First Yoga Exercise